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Double Moji Portion

Moji pattern can be found at the online magazine Seamwork, which I am a subscriber.  For 6 bucks a month you have a choice of 2 patterns that are approximately 1-3 hours to make! In addition, there are sizes for curvy girls too!  Also, I’ve always loved Colette patterns!

There are two versions of this pant and I made both. I opted out of the grommets at the waistband and made buttonholes instead.  I used size 14 and finished my seams with an overlock stitch.

My version 1 is a mint mystery cotton bottom-weight fabric thrift find for $2! Score!

My version 2 is a lightweight denim from my stash.  I also used a pretty floral from my scrap stash for inside the pockets.

Next time, I will go up a size to accommodate my fuller tummy (was just a tad snug); but I will still rock them!   Overall, I love this pattern and it comes together easily and quickly!  I will definitely make more!  



Funky Floral Explosion and Everything That Sparkles Ain’t Gold…It’s Blue!

This is Seamwork’s Aires pattern!  Yes!  I subscribe to Seamwork Mag and when you do, you  will receive 2 credits each month to purchase patterns from the mag!  Cool, huh?!  I’ve always been a fan of Colette patterns, so this was a no-brainer to subscribe to the mag!

My thought/plan for sizing and alterations:  my waist is between XL and 2X, my hips will fit  Large (full tummy, no hips or a$$).  So, I will cut size XL and adjust hips to Large. 

I used the overlock/serger for most of the construction.  

Why I picked this pattern?  Unlike traditional leggings, these have panels in which you can use contrasting fabrics like a mesh, or whatever.  Even if you decide to use main fabric for all panels, it still gives an interesting look!

Well, I did not alter the hips to a large and just cut a straight size XL and they fit me perfectly!

I love them!  (I’m holding the waist, because I need to purchase more elastic for the waistband 😜). 

Happy Sewing!

Pastille Dress, Deux

Everything’s coming up flowers! See!


I’m really not fond of facings, so I lined the bodice in this almost neon green…LOL! I LOVE color!

Oh, check out her hem lace!

I might add a waist stay, but in the meantime I will be wearing her, like tomorrow maybe!

All fabric was used from my stash! So, by the big local fabric store sale in July I’ll be able to stock up nicely! And, also adding to my commitment of (at least) a year of ethical fashion, my thrift overhaul of 6 pants, 2 tops and shoes ALL for a whopping $28!


If you’d like to check out what is a year of ethical fashion, slide on over to here!

Peace, Love, Happy Sewing!

Pastille Finished!

…and I’m feeling groovy! Love this dress and hubby does too!

Here’s the specifics: the fashion fabric and underlining, both cottons, and in my stash. The zipper and lining together cost me $3.67…that was my total cost for this project…$3.67! You can’t beat THAT with a baseball bat! I only lined the bodice. See the red peeking out of the armhole? Next time, I will have to do a sway back alteration. But, I loved this pattern and will definitely make good use of it!

Until next time, HAPPY SEWING!





I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! We should be thankful and give thanks EVERYday!

I have been working on building my wardrobe and get sidetracked by other crafty things to do, like embellished small clutches, which are addicting! (I’ll share later, but here’s a peek!) Anyway, I need more dresses in my life – I live in Florida and wear dresses a lot! Although the temps can be steamy (understatement) during summer; I still underline, and sometimes, also line my dresses and am still cool (in more ways than one)! ;D

So, I’ve been wanting to give the Pastille dress from Colette’s Sewing Handbook a go! I love how it’s turning out! Not quite completely done, but here’s where I am…

I will show completed version soon!

Until next time…HAPPY SEWING!